Mamie Phipps Clark (April 18, 1917- August 11, 1983) and her husband Kenneth Clark focused on studying the development of self-consciousness in young black children. Mamie became famous for her doll study, which worked to prove the negative psychological effects of racial segregation on young schoolchildren. proving the fact that racial segregation not only taught children to view whiteness as a sign of superiority, but instilled self-hatred and race denial into black schoolchildren, and taught them they were inferior, causing psychological harm.


This pigment is inspired by Mamie Phipps Clark. See how Mamie is Like Gold. 


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  • Mamie is a soft cyan, green bluish color with hints of gold and diamond. 


    How To Use


    Make sure you apply with a eyeshadow base or primer. 


    Size : 5 Grams